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Women's shirts by print
1. Partially printed T-shirt: The printing parts are mainly: front body, back, front left upper chest, cuffs, back collar and so on. Partially printed T-shirts account for more than 70% of the total T-shirts.
2. Full-length printed T-shirts: Full-length printed T-shirts are divided into three categories: cloth printing, cut piece printing and ready-to-wear printing. Among them, garments full of prints need to be produced by a special T-shirt printing machine, which currently represents the highest level of technical equipment for T-shirt printing.
3. Water-based pigment printing: Mainly used for white T-shirt printing.
4. Glue printing: Mainly used for dyeing T-shirt printing.
5.Hot-fixed ink printing: All kinds of fabrics (including chemical fiber) are suitable, which is the most promising T-shirt printing ink, because it is suitable for adopting advanced computer design, adapting to adopt modern automatic production method, symbol contemporary technology The trend of development. Especially in the dark fabric on the screen pattern, the effect is difficult to match the glue, which speeds up the speed of the glue exiting the T-shirt printing field.
6. Transfer printing T-shirt: There are two types of hot melt adhesive type and deinking type.
7. Special paint printing: The main types are gun pulp printing, flocking printing, photosensitive, water sensitive, heat sensitive paint printing, luminous paint printing, scent paint printing, multicolored decorative film (laser film) printing, etc.
8. Special processing: such as anti-dye printing, discharge printing and batik, tie-dye T-shirts, etc.
9. Embroidered T-shirt.
10. The composite process, which combines the above various printing and processing techniques into one T-shirt pattern.
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