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Children's Shirt

The T-shirt (T-shirt) is the transliteration name of the "T-shirt". The structure of the T-shirt that retains the English "T"-shirt" is simple in design, and the style changes are usually in the neckline, hem, cuffs, colors, patterns, fabrics and In terms of styling, T-shirts can be divided into three types: sleeved, vest, and open-neck. T-shirts are the most active category of summer clothing. From home clothes to popular clothes, T-shirts can be freely matched. Just choose the same style of bottoms, you can wear popular styles and different moods.
Shopping tips
The best in light color: The summer is hot, and most of the children are alive and easy to sweat. Dark clothes are more likely to fade after being exposed to sweat. The color will adhere to the child's skin for a long time. The greater the chance of children coming into contact with harmful substances in the dye. It is not good for its health, so the Children's Shirt that is worn close to the body should try to buy light-colored clothing with less prints.
Comfortable cotton: Because the clothes are close to the skin, the children's skin is generally delicate and needs to breathe. The clothes and the skin are prone to friction. When purchasing, the cotton fabrics should be preferred. The clothing made of natural fibers such as cotton has moisture absorption. Breathable and soft, so it's more comfortable to wear.
Just fit: Some parents think that the baby grows fast, the clothes can't be worn after the season, and often the children will buy large size clothes. In fact, because the clothes are too big, the children may walk and easily fall, so the baby's Clothes should be medium in size and tight.
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