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The Origins Of The Jacket
- Apr 11, 2017 -

The jacket evolved from a short coat made of coarse cloth called Jack in Medieval men. 15th century Jack had a drum-out sleeve, but this sleeve was a decorative, arm not worn through it, and pulled on the clothes. By 16th century, men's lower dress than Jack long, with straps tied up in the body around the formation of clothing pleated, into the 20th century, after the men's jacket from the stomach down the button is open, cuffs with decorative buckle, hem of the garment to the upper buttocks with buttons fixed.
And then the woman is also like the 18th century women riding safari suit, into a fitted jacket, after all kinds of changes, has been developed to the present, the jacket almost throughout the world's peoples. However, as documented in history, women really began to wear a large number of jackets, which was entered 20th century. The jacket is the transliteration of English Jacket, it is the name of the short jacket that both men and women can wear. Jacket is one of the most common clothing in modern life, because it is lightweight, lively, full of vitality, so for the vast number of young and female favorite.
Since the formation of jacket, style evolution can be said to be varied, different times, different political, economic environment, different occasions, people, ages, occupations, and so on the jacket's modelling has a great impact. In the world costume history, the jacket develops to now, has formed a very large family.