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The Design Of A Jacket
- Apr 11, 2017 -

The design of a jacket
The jacket design must be to make it lightweight, flexible, casual, natural, so color, pattern, fabric can be a variety of. From the overall shape, most of them are loose, upper-body drum, hem tight bundles, contour is O-shaped. This contour is used for the coat, for the common style of men and women, local design flexible, summarized as follows:
1. Length is slightly shorter than the general coat, the shortest length to the waist section, the hem adopts the elastic band moderately tight. Before and after the body adopts the segmentation design line, the dividing line is looking for double bright as decoration.
2. Collar has collar, lapel, suit collar, Luo Kou collar and so on. Closed collar for spring, autumn, winter, closed windproof, warm good.
3. Shoulder more exaggerated, flat shoulder to add shoulder pad. Because the bust volume is larger, so the shoulder width lend sleeve part.
3. Chengdu is more exaggerated, flat shoulders generally to add shoulder pad. Because the bust volume is larger, so the shoulder width lend sleeve part.
4. Sleeve has the shoulder sleeve, half-inserted shoulder sleeve, Lian Yuke sleeve, shirt sleeve, plainclothes sleeve, bat sleeve and so on. The cuff is tightened and the sleeves are fatter.
5. More pocket use of larger plug bags, stickers and various decorative bags, pocket design changes are the biggest features of the jacket.
6. Decorative materials have a variety of metal or plastic zipper, metal buckle (four buckle), metal clamp and all kinds of plastic fittings with more use.
Surface Accessories According to the season, use can be: cotton, wool, chemical fiber, leather, in addition, in clothing with woven fabrics, leather and other materials, will also have a good effect.

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