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Summer Girls Seven Pants Collocation Four Main Points Petite Mm Carefully Worn Choose Pants Type By Leg
- Apr 11, 2017 -

1, hip low leg short of people should wear seven pants, otherwise exposed shortcomings.
2, petite mm wear do not choose to pass through the loose style, easy to appear short.
3, the choice of the seven-fitting pants is the wise choice, personal design more delicate elegance.
2. Harmony with the color of the jacket
7 Pants More attention to detail changes, such as embroidery, printing, lace, bright and warm colors ... are creatively used in detail, and can be used in many parties. With the fashionable elements, the seven pants and the jacket must pay attention to the harmony of color, lest the feeling of disconnection.
3. Pair of shoes
In the summer to wear seven-cent pants at the same time the most obvious feminine or tie-in-style sandals, elegant and meticulous design with the seven-cent pants out of the calf line perfect, the most in costumes is with a pair of wrapped fish mouth shoes.
The more favored seven-cent pants are straight-barrel and hip-wide version of the pants, no matter what kind of pants, in the waist to do some articles have swords to take the advantage of slant, of course, Bushi or nylon rope belt is slightly outdated, tie a popular white wide belt this year, there is a sense of fashion in a different style.