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Precautions For Baby Wearing Down Jacket
- Apr 11, 2017 -

1, not too small to wear down
Down jacket although warm, but wearing inappropriate words to the health of the baby, if there is no change to the feather down allergy is absolutely not suitable for wearing down jacket. Generally speaking, it is recommended that the baby to 3 years old and above wearing down jacket, to reduce the likelihood of allergies, and to choose a good quality down jacket to wear.
2, pay attention to laundry detergent, avoid affecting the baby
When washing clothes for the baby, it is best not to send to dry cleaning, because the dry cleaning is mainly through the use of organic chemical solvents, to achieve the washing, removal of oil, stains, the purpose of washing is likely to residue on the baby skin harmful or irritating organic compounds.
3, choose the right feather
Because the feather in the down jacket stimulates the baby's respiratory system, it is important to pay attention to several key points when choosing down jacket:
① cashmere quality to choose the kind of soft without a hairy stalk, put down jacket on the table, with the hand to squeeze, can press very thin, let go immediately after the restoration of the original fluffy intact velvet.
② to see whether the workmanship of exquisite clothing, quality clearance, choose the market in the brand products should be more quality assurance.
③ should pay attention to the quality of the jacket, metal buckle elastic should be appropriate, zipper generally for the casting plastic zipper, track should be smooth. These details not only affect the effect of wearing, but also determine the safety of baby wearing.