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Invisible Killer Of Children's Wear
- Apr 11, 2017 -

The new GB stipulates formaldehyde content standard: Class A Products: ≤ 20mg/kg (infant products must meet this standard); B Products: ≤ 75mg/kg;C products: ≤ 300mg/kg. Long-term wearing of high formaldehyde content clothing, may cause a series of diseases, such as abnormal smell, stimulation, allergies, abnormal pulmonary function, liver dysfunction and abnormal immune function. In particular, the baby who likes chewing clothes is more prone to absorb harmful substances through saliva, which adversely affects the growth and development of the body.
azo dyes
The new GB set per kilogram of textiles must not exceed 20mg. Azo is a synthetic chemical dye, color species all, beautiful colors, in the garment printing and dyeing widely used. Not only insoluble in water, but also colorless and tasteless, it is difficult to find and distinguish and can not be eliminated. The dye can decompose and restore carcinogenic aromatic amines under certain conditions, cause lesions and induce malignant tumors, and accompany many malignant diseases. One of the substances called aniline can significantly increase the incidence of bladder cancer, and the incubation period of up to 20 years.
ph value
The new GB stipulates the ph range of clothing: Class A products between 4.0-7.5 and B-class products between 4.0-8.5, C class products between 4.0-9.0. The body's skin is generally weak acidic, the ph value of clothing too high or too low will not only stimulate the skin, but also may make the skin susceptible to infection, and even cause disease. Baby skin is particularly delicate, and is neutral or weak acidic, weak resistance, so more stringent requirements of its clothing ph range.