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How To Choose A Jacket For The Baby
- Apr 11, 2017 -

1, Feather selection method
See: When purchasing first check the product quality labels, there is no production plant name on the label, the amount of cashmere. Down jacket is generally more than 70%% of the amount of cashmere is advisable, with a certain degree of fluffy and gentle, the amount of the direct impact on the warmth of down jacket, mothers should be based on the needs of baby wearing to determine.
Press: To loosen the fluffy down jacket, press with hand, and then loosen up, see if the jacket is quickly restored. If the restoration is not the original or slow, the poor cashmere quality, low cashmere content, which may be mixed with a certain amount of film or crush tablets. This elastic down jacket, carrying a heavy sense in the hand.
Touch: Touch with hand, pinch down jacket, see there is no complete little piece or excessive thick hairy piece, feather tube and so on. If the feel soft, but the resilience of the poor, the filler is mostly softening the raw material rather than down; if the handle is soft but with a short thick feather shaft, it is the crushing piece, this kind of clothing warm effect is poor.
Rub: Rub down jacket with both hands, see if there are plush drill out. If there are a large number of plush drill out, the fabric does not show the velvet. Because the feather has a silky characteristic, there is a small amount of cashmere silk from the seam is also normal overflow.
Smell: With the nose close down products, take a few breaths to avoid the taste of those heavy pungent merchandise. But because down is the feathers of animals, there is a certain smell is normal.

Warm reminder: The parents who choose down jacket should take into account whether the baby is allergic to physique or have asthma history, these two kinds of physique baby advised not to choose down jacket as winter warmth clothing.

2, Feather selection details
Now many winter clothing are used waterproof high-tech fabrics, this fabric is easy to scrub, very suitable for sports babies.
② Pure cotton Texture clothing has been highly respected, in the winter is no exception. Like the lining of the jacket, neckline, cuffs and other baby skin contact directly, cotton cloth is a good choice.
③ in the purchase of down jacket must pay attention to the amount of cashmere, have fur decoration to pay attention to its strong degree, to prevent inferior fur shedding on the baby's respiratory effect.
④ the buttons and zippers on the coat should also pay attention to whether the installation is reasonable, do not choose "hard" decorative too many clothing, to prevent the baby's activities inconvenience.