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How Big The Baby Can Wear Down Jacket
- Apr 11, 2017 -

Baby can wear down jacket. The weather is cold, down jacket is very popular warm clothing, but generally do not recommend such a small baby wearing down jacket, the baby as far as possible to wear cotton clothing. In addition to the feather down easy to fuse baby delicate sensitive skin, respiratory allergy, and infant clothing should be cotton-based, reduce electrostatic and allergy injuries. Also, it is not recommended that the baby wearing high warm clothing, long-term to the baby excessive warmth or may cause "baby cover fever syndrome."
Because each baby has individual differences, the specific baby to be able to wear down jacket, to see the baby's physique, the general thought that 3-year-old baby can wear down jacket. Infants under 3 years of age, because of weak resistance, it is easy to contact some substandard clothing after skin allergies. Because of the down clothes in the feather prone to allergy and asthma. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to baby wear, when the baby three years old can wear down jacket. The baby's own body temperature adjustment ability is poor, down clothes may cause the baby's temperature too high, can give the baby jacket. But each baby has the individual difference, can according to own baby's circumstance decides whether to let him wear down jacket.
Similarly, it is recommended that the baby with a feather, preferably grow up and then with a feather. Although the feather is light and warm, but the feather is often a sensitive source of urticaria. Many people cover down, will cause systemic allergies, erythema and urticaria block. Some people may even have asthma and laryngeal edema, medically called down allergy. Therefore, the fur has a special allergic reaction, or suffering from allergic rhinitis, wheezing bronchitis, bronchitis asthma and other allergic disorders, in the winter is not suitable to use down. Babies, especially newborns, are susceptible to allergies, so it is advisable not to use it.