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Girls Hot Pants Collocation Scheme Open Hot Pants Cool Off Mode
- Apr 11, 2017 -

Dark Cowboy Blue The most obvious skin white, fold angle wave edge release the tide of fun magic, while flowing neat rational, low waist tight pants type collocation loose jacket, save the Apple body shape, lulu slender legs convex perfect, pure tone neat, modern beauty overturned.

Ultra Short and Flash is a model of cool handsome trend, thus can be with that batch of personality cool printing, feel the heat of the fashionable facial expression, collocation Crop top (lulu short jacket), show sexy small waist, very hot and type, appropriate revealing bone site and sexy skin, both temptation and level.

Grinding Roll Edge Washing is the success of cowboy signs, cowboy unique washed blue white gradient refreshing twice, with White is a perfect but no more, Qing cool and cool white shirt and white shoes must match, youthful vitality immediately emerge.

Denim subtle discoloration Let collocation also has more possibilities, washed the old stained time of mottled traces, the most can be with the literary nostalgia of the rice white khaki and other similar matches or contrast color, like the calm of the Earth and the secrets of space-time full of vitality, such a low-key and lasting beauty.

Edge and grinding of the color contrast, paint graffiti art tone, reflecting casual casual fashion style, in addition to the fine tailoring, subtle retro flavor and rich artistic flavor also fascinated, with literary nostalgia or fresh and lovely style of the upload can be.

Thigh, regardless of thickness, hot summer, like this loose trouser legs, borrow a few culottes look, also responded to the popularity of the leg pants, high waist and heels is absolutely leg long weapon, white flower nail bead button added the romantic sweet, with the white shirt infinite fit, silent long small floral shirt will also be rescued.

Anyway thin stripe mosaic full of design sense, blue white stripes bring the ocean wind fresh vitality, give a refreshing feeling, textured cotton texture, straight-barrel trim whatever leg-type wear is very type, with lovely jacket showing sunshine sweet fan.

collocation white shirt The most refreshing and youth is this low-key classic color universal hot pants, like this clean and simple and never outdated modelling of course can not miss, tooling Fan Re pants Pocket more design, whether used as a practical or decorative, small cute Meng Meng.

Neatly pleated to let pants body has a three-dimensional sense of hierarchy, small lantern shape loose flesh and also show playful cute, winding edge refinement, no matter with the floral, lattice, pure color of a variety of natural material jacket, with youthful literary tunes, gentle sen Fan Dou look oxygen sufficient.

Natural cotton hemp makes small hot pants comfortable have to love, convenient and comfortable elastic belt is obviously leisure time can not give up love, light color to let the collocation is full of fun, colorful and not dazzling, sweet but not greasy with silk refreshing, sports or holiday leisure, can quickly and duly completed.

To enlarge the range of hot pants, not limited to material, pants type and length, as long as it is suitable for oneself, can wear the aesthetic sense of the line, the length of the four points to the imperfect thigh bring intimate decoration, a little longer, elastic waist, comfortable cotton hemp and natural flanging, can make cute and lovely effect not more praise, cool and contagious color is also to create concise modelling of the beautiful secrets.