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Children's Wear To How To Match Only Enough Tide Baby Clothing Introduction
- Apr 11, 2017 -

Now the baby is the apple of the eye of the parents, not only let the baby, but also let the baby dress well. Nowadays, the children's clothing in the market is varied and colorful, which provides many choices for parents. Parents in the choice of children's clothing, first pay attention to the color of children's clothing, and then consider the style of children's clothing, in the selection of children's clothing, children's clothing comfort is also a very important factor. Therefore, how to carry out children's clothing is very important. The following small compilation gives parents some tips on the color collocation and styling of children's clothing.
1, children's clothing color matching
Parents in the choice of children's wear brands, most of the first attention to the color of child clothing. Also, children have primitive sensitivity and unique preferences to color, therefore, in the purchase of children's clothing, the first to judge from the form and skin color, if the child is a darker skin, should be preferred Gao Mingdu, high purity, colorful children's clothing, such wearing will appear spirit, eye-catching. If the little girl's complexion is bright, such as wearing pink, yellow, red children's clothing, people will appear lively, beautiful, even wearing gray, black, people will appear handsome, elegant, give a comfortable and natural feeling.
In the attention of color and children's skin color adaptation, but also pay attention to children's physique and wear color collocation. If a fat child, choose cool or dark children's clothing, such as: Gray, Black, blue and other cool or dark children's clothing, because this is wearing a contraction, can compensate for the child's body defect; if the child is thinner, then you can choose some warm children's clothing, green, beige, brown, and so on, these colors of children's clothing is extended outward, can give people a warm feeling.
2, children's clothing style collocation
Children's clothing style should be relaxed and concise need not have too many decorations, but children's clothing must have pockets, can put a handkerchief and children like things. Children's clothing sleeves, trousers and clothes can be trimmed, so that the next year to put down still can wear. Sweaters can be prepared in size two sets, small personal wear, large can be worn out, the weather in cold can be added to the coat. Obese children, non-wearing children's clothing types are: suspenders, plaid pants, tight clothes, ultra short and more than the children's clothing. Suitable for wearing children's clothing: long, big pants, skirts, color as much as possible some children's clothing, but also to have bright colors to match, lean baby, unsuitable children's clothing has: sleeveless, thin strap. Suitable for wearing children's clothing is: ultra-style, tight, more wear full jump color of children's clothing.
3. Cloth selection of children's clothing
As children lively, good movement, no protection of the consciousness of clothing, so children's clothing generally to strong, durable, not easy to damage mainly, while cloth wearing comfort, should also consider. Because the clothes cling to the skin, children's skin is generally sensitive, clothing and skin often produce friction, so that special requirements of the cloth moisture absorption, breathable, and cotton cloth precisely to meet such requirements, especially the children wear sportswear, more to consider the sweat, ventilation and other requirements.
Master the above children's clothing collocation and style collocation skills, I believe parents can buy suitable for their baby's children's clothing, for the baby to create fashionable and beautiful appearance.

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