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Children's Clothes Jacket Selection Guide
- Apr 11, 2017 -

1. To select a type of clothing
Choose baby Clothes must choose regular factory production clothes. Clothing packaging must have product certification, product implementation standards and product quality information. In particular, the infant's clothing must be selected a Class A product, that is, the baby can directly contact the skin's clothing. The label on the clothes will be marked, must be careful to see clearly.
2, choose cotton Clothing
Infant skin tender, easy to allergy, so in the choice of infant clothing materials, the best choice of cotton, 100% cotton, breathable good, easy to absorb sweat, fabrics also soft, the best baby skin. Do not choose chemical fiber products, not breathable, bad for the skin, susceptible to allergies.
3, light clothes best
Be careful not to choose dark clothes when choosing baby clothes. Because dark clothes are prone to fade, the baby is very fond of biting clothes, it is easy to eat the dye into the belly, the baby's growth is unfavorable. Clothing affixed to the skin, if the pattern on clothes or the color itself fade, long time with the baby will make skin allergy, or cause itching, so that baby discomfort. Serious blisters or damaged skin, may cause bacterial infections and other diseases.
4, choose no button clothing
To give birth to a newborn baby to choose a belt of clothing, this relates to the safety of infants. The clothes are as few decorations as possible or not. It's best to choose Non-button clothes to avoid eating. If the baby is bigger, choose to take the button, in the purchase must pay attention to the firmness of buttons, the baby likes to grab buttons and so on, to pull hard, can not fall off to the baby to wear.
5, smell don't smell
Buy baby clothes When the news, the clothes near the nose smell, if there is peculiar smell, then do not buy. Some clothes have been moldy for a long time, or used chemicals in the production of clothes, residue on clothes. These odors stimulate the child's respiratory system, which is detrimental to the development of children. The new clothes are best to go home and wash them first, and then dry in the sun, and then wear them, clean and safe.
6, the tightness should be appropriate
To buy baby clothes according to the baby's fat and thin buy different sizes, do not buy too tight, clothes must be bigger than the baby, guaranteed not to the baby. Clothing is best not to use elastic bands, lest affect the baby's limbs and viscera normal development.